Long Run – Sunday 2/3/19

Goodbye polar vortex, hello...spring?  Here in the Midwest the weather has been anything but consistent.  Mid week we had temperatures of -27 degrees with windchill near -50 and this weekend we had highs in the 40's!  I am hopeful that the groundhog's prediction of an early spring holds true so I can get in many… Continue reading Long Run – Sunday 2/3/19


Hello 2019 – Goals, Goals, Goals!

2019 is here and so are my goals for the year!  I'm not huge on the term 'resolutions', since it insinuates that there's some sort of problem that needs fixed. I prefer to look at my visions for the year as goals to improve what I'm doing or to try something new.  Many of these… Continue reading Hello 2019 – Goals, Goals, Goals!