Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday: Create a Zero Waste Kit for on-the-go.

Reducing waste while on-the go is extremely manageable.  The easiest thing to do, is to create a 'Zero Waste Kit' that you can keep in your vehicle or near your entry way to have when you're out and about.  It is likely that you already have the majority of what you'll need to construct your… Continue reading Tip Tuesday: Create a Zero Waste Kit for on-the-go.

For The Planet

Special Delivery: Plastic Freedom Order!

An absolute highlight of this crazy week was getting the notification that my Plastic Freedom order had arrived!  Because it was being shipped from the UK, there was a signature required in order to receive the package.  This meant that I had to go retrieve it from the Post Office or send a representative to… Continue reading Special Delivery: Plastic Freedom Order!

Environmentalism, Favorite Friday

Favorite Friday: Beeswax Wraps

If you're like me, you're interested in reducing the waste you send to the landfill.  I found that the majority of the waste I was producing was coming from the food products I was purchasing.  So much of our day to day lives are focused around making things more convenient hence, the packaging of 'grab-and-go'… Continue reading Favorite Friday: Beeswax Wraps