All About Bun

Hello there!  I’m Stacey, a corporate trainer, cat mom, environmentalist, book worm, cooking enthusiast, runner and most recently BLOGGER.  Welcome to Bun on the Run.


I am jumping for joy as I will be running the 2019 Chicago Marathon – my very first FULL marathon. I am partnering with World Wildlife Fund to raise money for their mission: “To conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.”  My goal for the blog is to spread awareness on environmental issues, offer tips for living more environmentally friendly, and document my training and fundraising journey leading up to the Marathon.  I want people to become more accountable for their impact on the planet and take action to lower it.  Environmentalism and running are my two biggest passions in life, so why not combine them to do some good in the world?!

Why ‘Bun on the Run’?  I’ll be honest.  I’m not really one for pet names. In fact they make me cringe a little most of the time.  However, my husband, Alex, coined one for me that I don’t mind all too much and that is ‘Bun’, short for ‘Honey Bun’.  I roped him in by being ‘sweet as a Honey Bun’ and they nickname has stuck since the early days of our relationship.  I’m not sure if anyone outside of my husband and myself know this nickname until now, but I’m embracing it!  (Also, it rhymes nicely with run, which gives me the warm fuzzies.)

I am a runner.  This phrase has taken me quite some time to own.  I grew up dancing for 10 years, playing volleyball and basketball throughout high school, playing volleyball in college and had a sprinkling of running here and there throughout.  Initially, running meant conditioning for said sports, punishments in said sports (I think ‘Get on the line’ haunts many people), and something I had to do to meet the 7:15 minute mile requirement for college volleyball. It wasn’t until I parted ways with organized sports in college that I came to appreciate the sport of running.

College was an interesting transition point.  For me, once I quit volleyball, I lost a form of exercise that has been a constant for nearly 8 years.  Now I had to motivate myself to get to the gym and create my own workouts for the most part.  It wasn’t all that bad, though, because I could easily grab some buddies to workout and the gym was free and right across the street…perks of a small campus.  I started running more than I had in the past, this time, running because I chose to.  I enjoyed running on the treadmill at the gym and exploring the streets of Bexley, Ohio when the weather was nice.  I participated in my first 5K my junior year and my first half-marathon my senior year.  I was beginning to enjoy running for more than just checking the box to complete a task.

Post-college was an even more interesting transition point.  Once I finished college and moved in with my then fiancee, my workout buddies were no longer my roommates and the gym was no longer free and across the street…oh the harsh realities of adulthood.  Working out meant more creativity, motivation and effort after getting home from teaching high-schoolers all day.  I didn’t own much fitness equipment and was too cheap (and still am to a point) to join a gym.  Luckily, where we lived there were extensive paved trails.  With where I was living and the resources available, there was really no excuse to not take advantage of the great outdoors!  I began to utilize the trails for running, walking and biking and my love of running began to grow.

Flash forward a few years… my husband and I ended up moving from Ohio to Illinois in July of 2014.  A new town meant new opportunities for me to explore, and running was still a constant that I could fall back on for both physical and mental health.  I’ve really enjoyed utilizing the local forest preserves and roads in my neighborhood.  I have participated in more races and am realizing that I’m not too bad at this whole running thing.  For someone who never formally participated in cross-country or track, I am starting to find my way in the running world.  I am proud to say that I have won several age group awards and even been the #1 female finisher in two 5k’s and one 10k.

I guess I never considered myself a runner because I was never officially part of a running team.  I also have high expectations and am guilty of comparing myself to the stereotypical runners that you see on TV (like on the Olympics), when in reality if you run, no matter how fast or slow that may be, YOU ARE A RUNNER! Therefore, I AM A RUNNER.

I am a self-proclaimed tree hugger.  I’ve always felt a yearning in my heart for environmentalism.  As a teen, my dream car was a Prius and you could find me toting around recyclables if there weren’t receptacles to deposit them in when I was out and about.  I am an avid celebrant of Earth Day and enjoy volunteering at the local forest preserve for work days.  As the years have passed, I have become more educated in environmental issues and more confident making changes and speaking out.  I believe we are doing humanity a huge disservice the way many people live today.  I want to make sure that I am living in a way that will allow future generations to see the beautiful planet as I have.

With that being said…no one is perfect!  While I try to lower my impact, there are things that are out of my control based on the country that I live in and preparation (or lack thereof) I have put into resources I use each day.  Sometimes, I am a hypocrite.  As I see it, as long as the net change is positive, progress in the right direction is being made, and that is my goal.

I am so excited to combine running and environmentalism in order to make positive change!

I am married. My kind, handsome husband is Alex and we got married in 2013.  We originally met while both working an off-campus job at Home Depot – so romantic, I know.  He works in IT which serves as a crutch for me when I have issues with technology – I just get to ask him and usually, if I’m extra nice, he’ll help me.  We are the proud parents of a feisty kitty named Winston Ferguson Sassafrass who favors Alex.  Alex loves red pandas, video games and camping.  He’s my favorite human on the planet!

I am a corporate trainer. In January 2018, I made a career change from teaching high school science to my current job as a corporate trainer.  I develop and facilitate training modules for new-hires, cross-trainings, new client trainings, refresher trainings, etc. I still get to do many of the aspects I liked about teaching (creativity, engaging with people, helping people learn, etc.), but with no papers to grade and the option to work from home sometimes!

Some favorites…

  • Color: Green – I like most shades but mint and kelly are my absolute faves
  • Animal: Cows – so stinking cute and lovable
  • Foods: Popcorn, Guacamole, Sweets – any kind
  • Coin: Quarter – they are just so perfect!!
  • Movie: Bridesmaids
  • TV Shows: Survivor, SNL, New Girl, any baking shows
  • Flower: Daffodil
  • Holiday: Earth Day – April 22 – start planning!
  • Destinations: Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas & Kauai, Hawaii
  • Running Accessory: Garmin Forerunner 645 + Music Watch (recently switched from Apple Watch to Garmin and loving it!)
  • Eco-Friendly Habit: Reusable water bottle (it is GLUED to me a nearly all times and places.)
  • Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Anything else you’d like to know?  Want to talk some more?  I’d love to connect with you!  Feel free to reach out.