Race Report: Flannagan’s St. Pat’s Day 5k

Flannagan's 5k Image


Race Information:

  • Race Name: Flannagan’s St. Pat’s Day 5k
  • Date: Saturday, March 16, 2019
  • Start Time: 10:00am
  • Location:  Dublin, OH
  • Distance: 5k (3.1 miles)
  • Finish Time: 22:48.3
  • Average Pace: 7:21
  • Race Buddies:  Linny (sister), Nikki (friend), Alex (hubby & cheerleader)
Race buddies!  I am on the left, my sister, Lindsey, is in the middle and her friend Nikki is on the right.  We snapped this photo at the start line. 


  • Arrive by 9:00am
    • Achieved – I woke up before my 7:00am alarm.  Usually I would just lay in bed, but I decided to get up and start getting ready.  I got dressed, ate my breakfast, finished getting read and left right on time at 8:00am.  It helped that I had packed my bags the night before and had my outfit ready to go.
  • Complete a proper warmup including dynamic stretching, easy jog and possible foam rolling.
    • Not a great success…  While I arrived in plenty of time to do this, it was a bit chilly outside.  I took the lazier route and stayed in the warm truck.  I did do some simple stretches and dynamic movements on the way to the start line.  A warmup is still an area of improvement that I am working on.
  • Progressively increase pace throughout race.
    • Whomp, whomp, whomp… Again, this is another area that I want to focus on improving.  Right now I naturally fall into the ‘positive splits for positive people’ category with pacing. (Got that phrase from my favorite podcaster, Ali on the Run.  Check her out!!)  I ALWAYS start with really fast and then gradually slow down.  I want to work on reversing this, but that didn’t happen this race.  Maybe next time!
  • Push through discomfort (not to be confused with injury)
    • Achieved!!  While I did slow down with each mile, I kept at a borderline uncomfortable pace throughout the race.  Overall, my body felt great during the race, so I wasn’t worried about injury, just pushing by body to its potential.  It was more a push to perform at my maximum fitness potential!


Pre-Race Fuel:

For breakfast, I fixed one of my go-to meals.  A fried egg and toast with butter is one of my favorite pre-race breakfasts.  I like this combo for shorter races since it keeps me full.  For longer distances, I would have something with less fiber and protein to avoid digestive issues, but for a 5k, this works well.

I also focused on hydrating in the morning with water.  Personally, I am not a sports drink fan, so I just stick with the basics of hydration!


Weather Report:

The skies were clear, the sun was out and the temperature was about 33 degrees.  This makes for just about the perfect race day weather forecast!  It was a bit chilly, but once I got moving it felt great.

The temperature for this race was a tricky one for outfit choice.  I went with leggings, a tank top, long sleeve race shirt and vest.  I didn’t think that I needed a headband to cover my ears, but at the end of the race, I wished I would have worn it.

We did it!!  Proud finishers with our medals.

Splits: (Approximations from my Garmin)

  • Mile 1 – 6:58.0
  • Mile 2 – 7:23.1
  • Mile 3 – 7:49.4
  • Mile 0.1 – 0:44.3


Summary & Reflection:

I am very happy with the result of the race.  I wasn’t sure how this race would go since I’ve had some knee and hip issues recently.  During the race, neither issue caused problems but I was pretty sore in my hip after the race.  Lots of foam rolling and stretching to hopefully take care of that.

I am quite pleased with overall pacing.  It felt like a solid effort that I can work on with my future training.  I’m excited to use this race when planning my upcoming workouts.  Also, I’m looking forward to getting outside for more runs.  I’ve been playing it safe and easy with treadmill running since it’s a lot more predictable.

My husband and I recently moved from Illinois back to Ohio, so we are much closer to family.  I highly enjoyed being able to easily meet with with my sister and her friend Nikki for this race!  I’m really looking forward to exploring the running community in Ohio as well.

Final results!

What’s next?

I’m looking at 10k’s for April.  That will be another great training benchmark for the New Moon Half Marathon at the end of May.  Stay tuned for the next race report. !

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