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5 tips for an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day that’s low on environmental impact but still full of love <3


TWO days until Valentine’s day – do you have a plan to celebrate?  Most people either love or hate the holiday.  There’s not a whole lot of in between.  One thing for sure, though, is that Valentine’s day can be one that is extremely wasteful.  Flowers and chocolates wrapped in plastic, gifts purchased and placed in plastic bags, gifts that will be thrown out when something better comes along…I could go on and on!!

If you’re celebrating this year, but wondering how to keep the environmental impact low, here are some ideas!

  1. Donate to a charity – If there is a cause you both are passionate about, check out the website of an organization that is supporting that cause.  Chances are, they are fundraising to make progress towards their mission.
    • Love nature and the environment?  I am fundraising for World Wildlke Fund while training for the 2019 Chicago Marathon.  Check out my fundraising page here:  Stacey’s WWF Page
  2.  Attend an event/experience together – The sky’s the limit with this one as there’s SO MANY different events/experiences to choose from.  Here’s some that come to mind:
    • Concert
    • Movie
    • Bowling
    • Ice/Roller Skating
    • Escape Room
    • Convention
    • Theatre Show
    • Dance Performance
    • Comedy Show
    • Cooking Class
    • Beer/Wine Walk
    • Chicago Auto Show
      • This is what my husband and I will be doing this weekend!  You can find discounted tickets on Groupon, so it will cost two adults $20 to get in.
  3. Cook a meal/special dish together – I love cooking with my husband.  Not only are we spending quality time together, but we’re creating our food and nourishment.  We can really appreciate one another during this time.  I also think the food tastes better when it’s a team effort!  Maybe it’s a simple meal that is a staple or it’s a challenging recipe that you’ve wanted to try for a while. Either way, it’s a fun way to  spend time together.  Remember, it doesn’t always have to be dinner.  If you have time in the mornings, you could make a yummy breakfast/brunch together! Heart shaped pancakes sound pretty good right about now!
  4. Write a poem/love letter/comic strip to your SO – It doesn’t have to be sappy (…but it could be!).  You can bring in humor, good memories, experiences you’ll never forget, etc. by writing a poem or love letter!  Grab a piece of paper (preferably something you’re reusing) and start brainstorming!  Your final copy could be handwritten or typed.  You could also include photos together if you want.  You could even create a comic strip if you’re feeling extra creative.  It could depict a favorite memory or a goal for the future.  Have fun with it.
  5. Workout together – nothing says ‘I’m committed to you’ like being committed to your health.  I don’t know about you, but I feel a great sense of responsibility to stay as healthy as possible in order to live a healthy life that can support my husband.  I also really enjoy when we workout together, whether we are doing the same or different workouts.  Find a time that works for the two of you, add it to the calendar and then determine what type of workout(s) you will be doing during that time.

BONUS:  Tip 6.  Buy Reusable Items – if you insist on a gift for that someone special, try to purchase something that will last for years to come, rather than something that is disposable.  There are great products out there that can be easy staples for reusables.  Think of something that the person may use everyday such as a mug, water bottle, lunchbox, etc.

Whether you’re a sappy lovestruck person or just someone trying to survive the holiday, you can do so much with little impact to the environment.

This Valentine’s Day, my husband and I will spend the evening cooking a meal, making a dessert and watching ‘The Office’ together.  Then, this weekend, we’re headed to the Chicago Auto Show to check out what’s new in the auto industry.  For us it’s about simplicity.

How are you celebrating the holiday?  Have any idea to add to the list above?  I want to hear about it – comment below!

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