Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday: SAVE THE JARS!


Many of the products we buy come in packaging that CAN be reused, my favorite being glass jars. It’s a bonus purchase. Not only do you get the delicious food, you’re getting a container that has a versatile life ahead. Also, remember that YOU PAID FOR THAT JAR. Sometimes the packaging that our food comes in, costs more than the item itself!! Don’t throw your hard earned money away or send it to the recycling plant.

I love to use jars instead of plastic snack bags when packing my lunch. They also come in handy when making sauces, dressings, spice mixes, etc. from scratch. I even put safety pins in a small spice container to throw in my running bag so that I don’t have to get more pins for my bib at a race event. My ultimate favorite, is the little jar with the pipette lid. Right now, I’ve got vanilla extract in it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to reusing food packaging.

CHALLENGE:  Next time you buy a jar of salsa (or anything else :))…

  1. Eat the salsa with some yummy chips, on tacos, or however you prefer.
  2. Clean the jar and remove the label (soak jar in warm soapy water and label will likely peel off after a few minutes, then use some cooking oil to remove any extra adhesive residue)
  3. Make your own, fresh salsa.  It isn’t too hard and tastes sooooooo much better than what came in the jar.
  4. If you don’t eat it all of your delicious salsa in one sitting, STORE IT IN THE JAR!
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 from now until eternity!!
  6. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment knowing that you’re reducing your impact.
  7. Pass the challenge along to a friend or family member!

Think about what you’re throwing away, and see if you could give it a new life!

Are you a jar collector, too?  Let’s connect!  What’s your favorite type of jar?  What do you like to store in it?  Leave a comment below.

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