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Special Delivery: Plastic Freedom Order!

An absolute highlight of this crazy week was getting the notification that my Plastic Freedom order had arrived!  Because it was being shipped from the UK, there was a signature required in order to receive the package.  This meant that I had to go retrieve it from the Post Office or send a representative to do so.  While there are perks of living in a small town, the hours of the Post Office are not one of them.  The Post Office closes at 4:30pm on weekdays, meaning that there’s no way I can make it there after work.  My commute to work is 45 minutes one way, so usually I don’t get home until at least 5:00pm, usually more like 5:15pm or even 5:30pm.  They are open on Saturday mornings, so that was going to be my plan, but I didn’t want to wait that long! (The original delivery attempt was Wednesday.)  My dear husband, Alex, was able to pick it up on his way home from work on Friday.  I know it doesn’t seem like that long of a time difference for getting this package, I was just so excited to receive my FIRST products from Plastic Freedom and to check out what I ordered in person.


Why am I so excited about this order?

My ‘Word of the Year’ is REDUCE.  I am focusing this word in many areas of my life and reducing plastic is one of them.  Here are a few staggering facts I found on the Earth Day Network website that are motivating my decision to reduce (and eventually eliminate) the plastics I use in my life.  Head to their site to read up on even more!

  • Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form (with the exception of the small amount that has been incinerated). [Source]
  • 91% of plastic waste isn’t recycled. And since most plastics don’t biodegrade in any meaningful sense, all that plastic waste could exist for hundreds or even thousands of years. [Source]
  • ONE MILLION plastic bottles are bought EVERY MINUTE around the world — and that number will top half a TRILLION by 2021. Less than half of those bottles end up getting recycled. [Source]

Plastics are everywhere and in nearly everything we purchase.  At the average store, there aren’t many, if any, options to purchase products without plastic.  Think about it…

  • Bread…plastic bag
  • Fresh produce…plastic bag/container
  • Soda/beverages…plastic bottle
  • Chewing Gum…ingredient: polyethylene – a plastic typically used to make plastic bottles and bags…CHEW ON THAT!
  • Convenience foods…plastic packaging
  • Yogurt…plastic container
  • Clothing…made of synthetic, aka PLASTIC, fibers
  • The list goes on…

Plastic Freedom is a start-up E Commerce business focusing on providing a wide range of products that are completely plastic free, not only in the actual product, but in the packaging and shipping products, too.  Beth is the mastermind, or ‘hobbit’ as she calls herself, behind this shop.  She works with brands that share her same philosophy of providing consumers with plastic free alternatives to commonly used products.  She offers products for all areas of life including:  Beauty, Bathroom & Kitchen, Home, On-The-Go, Food & Drink, Gifts, Mum & Baby and Vegan.  Check out the About Me section of her website for more on what drives her passion for Plastic Freedom.

To finally answer the question, I am SO EXCITED about this order because it is the FIRST time I have ordered from Plastic Freedom.  I am thrilled to have found a reputable source for plastic free products that are sustainably created and reasonably priced.  I want to share this information with others, too, in hopes to grow the plastic free movement and environmentalism in general.


What did I order?

Well, I’m glad you asked!  Here are the products that I ordered.  I have included a photo of each as well as the link to them on her website.  She provides excellent detail on each and every product complete with her favorite aspects of it, how it’s made and how to use it.  Since I just received them, I haven’t had a chance to test them out yet.  I’ll do a follow-up post with my thoughts on them once I’ve given them enough use to report a solid review of the product.

  1. Wild Sage & Co – Lavender + Rose Geranium Hair Conditioner
  • I have been on the lookout for quite some time for an alternative to the traditional conditioners found at your average store that are almost always packaged in a plastic bottle.  I have even attempted, without much success, making my own hair conditioner.  While it wasn’t a total fail, I just couldn’t seem to get the consistency correct.  I cannot wait to try this product!
  • This is a HOT item!  It goes out of stock quickly after she receives a shipment.  I follow Beth on Instagram (@plasticfreedom_) where she usually gives followers a heads-up when she’s re-stocking the website.
  • Price: $20


2. Elephant Box – Elephant Box Original Large Tin

  • I am planning to use this as a lunch box and also as a container for leftovers at restaurants.  My lunches are very low waste overall.  This will be a great vessel to transport my lunch goodies to and from work or a picnic!  As for restaurant leftovers, it kills me a little each time I have to take food home in a styrofoam or plastic container.  While I also really hate food waste, I needed to find a better alternative to taking food to-go.  Can’t wait to try this bad boy out the next time I’ve got leftovers.
  • There are a variety of sizes and products from Elephant Box on her site!  You’ll be able to make a large part of you life plastic free with this brand if you so choose.
  • Price: $28.99


3.  Georganics – English Peppermint Toothpowder  AND  Hydrophil – Bamboo Toothbrush

  • I had never considered the plastics involved with healthy teeth until I was browsing through the Plastic Freedom site and came across these products.  Now, it’s a no brainer.  Toothbrushes are primarily plastic and toothpaste comes in a plastic tube…DUH!  While I usually keep old toothbrushes around for cleaning purposes, I’d rather cut out the plastic if I can.  Moreover, the toothpaste tube, for me, goes right into the landfill as I don’t think they are recyclable.  Floss is coated with plastic and mouthwash comes in a plastic bottle.  On the site, there’s alternatives to both of those as well!  I didn’t need either product at the time I ordered, so I’ll try those in the future.
  • I’m interested to try the toothbrush.  I attempted to try another brand, but the bristles got caught in my permanent retainer and many fell out.  This one seems a little sturdier, so I’m hoping it can withstand the orthodontia keeping by teeth straight.
  • Price:  Toothpowder: $8.90     Toothbrush: $4.00

4. EcoCoconut – Coconut Scourers Twin Pack

  • I am always looking for natural alternatives for cleaning as many readily available products are loaded with harsh chemicals and, you guessed it, plastics.  This was mainly just a fun add-on type item that I was interested to try out!  It says that it works on non-stick pans, so I am hoping that it lives up to it.  Also, our gas stove can get pretty grimy, so I’m looking forward to testing out these cute little coconut scrubbers on that.
  • Price: $4.00


That’s what I ordered!  In terms of shipping, Plastic Freedom is operated out of the UK.  Shipping costs a flat rate of $13.00 to be delivered to US addresses and will require a signature.  I don’t think this is all that bad as my package was pretty heavy.  Also, when Beth packages your products, she doesn’t use any plastic materials, it’s all wrapped in paper and boxes.  She also will take back the packaging and offers a discount for customers who take the time to do so.

She includes this cute card in her orders as well – a special thank you for supporting her passion!


I hope that you will take the opportunity to reflect on the products you use day to day.  Can you implement plastic free alternatives to help out the planet?  I hope so!  Check out the Plastic Freedom website today to get started.

I’d love to hear what steps you’ve taken on your journey to reducing you plastic use as well as any other environmental endeavors.  Leave a comment or reach out to me to keep the conversation going.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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