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Tip Tuesday: Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping

Happy holiday cat.

The holiday season can be super wasteful if we aren’t careful.  One area that can be easily improved upon is wrapping gifts.  Around the holidays, I like to get my groceries bagged in paper bags, so that I can stock up on FREE wrapping paper…yes I said FREE!  Nearly all grocery stores have paper bags, you just have to ask for them.  In most cases, the bags are at no additional charge.  ALDI is one of the few exceptions, but I believe their paper bags are $0.10, so again, waaaaaay cheaper than wrapping paper!

Wrapping gifts with paper bags not only saves money, but reduces waste going into the landfills.  Sadly, most wrapping paper is not recyclable.  So, you guessed it, the money spent on the glittery princess paper is going right into the garbage.

Here’s a few simple steps to wrapping your gifts using paper bags…

  1. Gather the materials.
    • Paper Grocery Bag
    • Package to wrap
      • I keep boxes that were delivered throughout the year to use for wrapping gifts.
    • Bow or other adornment, if desired
      • I keep ribbons, bows, etc. that I’ve received on other gifts in order to reuse them again…or sometimes they become cat toys.  Either way, they’re getting a second use!
    • Scissors
    • Tape
The materials.

2.  Cut the bottom out of the paper bag. This will give you one large piece of paper to work with.

Bottom’s off!

3.  Cut the paper to the size needed to cover the package.

Just the right size.

4. Wrap the package.

Not too shabby.

5. Make it pretty!  You can do a wide variety of things o make the gift festive.  I chose to use a ribbon that I had from a previous gift.  You could draw a festive scene, use stamps or paints if you have them, or anything else you can think of.  Have kids?  I bet they would LOVE to decorate the wrapping paper!  Don’t forget to address it to the lucky recipient.  In my case, it is my cat, Winston.

For me, simplicity is best.

6. Last, and most importantly, give the gift!!  Your recipient will most definitely appreciate your creativity and eco-friendly thought this holiday season.

He thinks he’s been a good boy this year.

Don’t let the holidays be an excuse for extra waste.  With a little thought and focus, you can get through it without making a larger impact on the environment!

I’d love to hear other tips and tricks you may have to combatting the holidays in a way that reduces you impact on the planet.  Feel free to reach out and share!


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